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We implement the latest testing and modeling techniques to select our materials.


Airplane Train Truck Storage Metals

Excellence in Metal Sandwich Engineering

From mechanical tests to obtain the material properties to Finite Element Analyses using cutting edge plasticity and fracture models we select the optimal material type, grade, hardness, and coatings to create our sandwich metal solutions. Whether it is a single type of metal used in every layer of the entire sandwich or combinations of different face sheets, core materials, and thicknesses – we are able to simulate and design the sandwich material according to its ideal attributes in the intended application.

CellTech Metals Assembly Line

Innovation in Manufacturing, Integration, & Assembly

CellTech and Reitnouer’s engineers have developed custom joining systems and innovative aluminum extrusions that are fully integrated into our panels. These creative joining systems add strength, reduce the need for fasteners, improve cycle time and reduce cost. We work with our customers to deliver panel solutions that seamlessly integrate within their factories and manufacturing processes, ensuring installation efficiency and optimal performance. Because everything about our sandwich material is specifically optimized for your solution, CellTech provides a competitive advantage; unique product features, faster time to market, more efficient production, and reduced overhead and cost.

Custom Metal Panel Applications

Panel Customization

Once we have optimized the material elements of our panel solution for the best performance in our customer’s application, we can customize it with features to make it uniquely superior. Some wall applications may require panels with recessed areas to integrate flush-mounted racking or structural elements, roof applications may require a slight bow shape, floor applications may require robust double-core layers for rigidity. Many panels may have hemmed edge details or integrated aluminum extrusions for attachment and assembly. Multiple CellTech panels may be adhesively bonded or mechanically fastened together into larger subassemblies at our factory, kitted into packaged solutions, and painted or textured to your specifications.

CellTech Metals Panel Materials

Panel Materials

CellTech’s design can be bonded to any face sheet creating the optimized panel for your applications. Unlike honeycomb materials, CellTech does not have closed cells allowing a bi-directional air-flow/fluid passage and can be enhanced for acoustic/thermal performance. Panel designs as thin as ~6.5mm up to 30mm or more, are optimized to the requirements of the customer’s application.

CellTech Formable Sheet Materials

Formable Sheet Materials

CellTech’s patented sheet material design is a very thin (3mm) formable 4-layer metal sandwich targeted at the transportation industry that delivers tremendous stiffness, strength and weight savings utilizing a new patented mass producible brazing process. These sheet materials can be rolled, formed, stamped and shaped into lightweight structural components optimized to the requirements of the customer’s application.