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Whether in modern transportation systems with the impact of fuel costs and ever-increasing regulations, or in the construction industry, where resources are getting more and more expensive – lightweight construction is the focus of current and future design concepts.


Not your average sandwich panel material – CellTech panels incorporate a structural metal core which provides unique strength and stiffness. The core layer may be expanded for the most demanding applications without adding much mass or weight to the sandwich. Fully recyclable lightweight sandwich metal panel construction is the ideal material for your industrial application. The possibilities to meet most challenging technical and economic requirements are unlimited.


Truck Trailer & Body Metals

Truck Trailer & Body

Engineers in the truck trailer and truck body industry happily make use of CellTech Metal’s lightweight sandwich structure for a variety of applications including sidewalls, doors, roofs or floors – our technology saves several hundred pounds on a standard trailer or truck body, while increasing its strength and stiffness. Less weight means improved fuel efficiency and/or increased payload. Structural panels mean more cube space by eliminating cross-members, posts and roof bows.

Aviation & Aerospace Metals

Aviation & Aerospace

CellTech’s lightweight aluminum sandwich metal panels are ideal for use in aircraft cargo containers, galley equipment, and aircraft service carts; designed to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs. They exhibit tremendous durability, strength-to-weight characteristics and can be coated, painted or printed for your application.

Portable Storage Container Metals

Storage Containers

The stiff, lightweight, structural panels with integrated aluminum joining extrusions from CellTech are perfect for reducing or eliminating structural framing for the storage container industry. The interlocking panel design reduces the requirements for fasteners or additional adhesive bonding processes, and provides increased cube space. These containers can be easily kitted for shipping and assembled in the field with fewer people and in less time. Corrosion resistant storage containers made with CellTech panels will not fatigue, warp or hold moisture and are lightweight and long lasting.

Recreational Vehicle Metals

RV, Bus, & Light Rail

Sandwich structures have only recently become more important in the Recreational Vehicle, Bus, and Light Rail industries. Whether you are looking for room partitions, drive-up ramps, or wall, floor and ceiling panels: CellTech Metal’s sandwich technology is the solution. Besides the enormous stiffness-to-weight ratio and point load resistance, our double hollow sandwich panels additionally allow for many possibilities for creative engineering solutions in pontoon boats, house boats, utility trailers, campers and motorhomes. The structural nature of the panel allows OEM’s to reduce or eliminate cross-members and framing. The bi-directional hollow core enables the panels to be used as cable channels or be heated in applications where icing prevention is required. The variable nature of our core thickness and the ability to use multiple core layers uniquely enable CellTech to make panels of extraordinary strength and stiffness, while still being very lightweight.

Elevator Metals


Lightweight, strong, fully recyclable customized metal sandwich panels are perfect for elevator car floors, walls, ceilings and doors. They can be coated, painted, or textured for your application, saving weight, saving energy, saving money. CellTech Metals has the right solution for your elevator design engineering challenge.

Construction & Fencing Metals

Construction & Fencing

The lightweight, super-stiff, fully recyclable and corrosive resistant attributes of our material make them highly applicable as curtain wall building facades, privacy fence panels or solar panel substrates. Each layer of the sandwich design is fully coated, inside and out, for corrosion protection and 100% recyclable. CellTech panels are an ideal “canvas” for your graphic print design, reflective or colored coating.

Other Industries

Custom Application