Testing & Certification

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We thoroughly test our products before they see everyday use, so we can assure you that they will meet or outperform your expectations. Our sandwich products have to pass numerous standardized validation tests, such as drum peel, 4-point bending or fatigue tests. They guarantee our products will meet or exceed our specifications in your application. Additional tests as required for your respective application can be performed. Examples are corrosion (salt spray) or fire protection tests. (Our panels are intended to be certified according to a variety of standards, ex. DIN 5510-2 Fire protection in Railway vehicles or IMO FTPC Part 5.)


Puncture/Dent Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are tested for dent and puncture resistance to meet the application’s requirements. We work with our customers to select the type, gauge, and coating of the face sheet materials and then optimize the sandwich thickness to ensure we have a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Compression Tests

CellTech engineers use extensive modeling techniques and tools to optimize the metal type, gauge, and sandwich thickness to ensure we meet the customer’s compression specifications. Our sandwich panel materials are then thoroughly tested for compressive strength to meet the application’s requirements

Bending Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are tested using both a 3 and 4-point bending test. Each panel is designed to exceed the maximum the mechanical bending requirements for the customer’s application with the optimal weight and product cost. Our engineers can optimize this bending performance by selecting the most efficient materials used to make the required panel.

Peel Test

CellTech sandwich panel materials are uniquely developed with a bi-directional core design similar to an egg carton, laminated between two face sheets. Our layers are bonded together using a proprietary aerospace-grade adhesive and tested to meet or exceed peel strengths across a wide temperature range.

Corrosion Prevention

CellTech is very sensitive to the corrosion demands placed on metal, especially in many transportation applications where harsh chemicals being used by road management programs. For this reason we use the most proven methods and materials to coat and protect our entire sandwich panel from corrosion. We continue to allocate significant attention to improve corrosion protection using various test methods validating existing and new corrosion protection ideas.

Application Test Protocol – Bosch Test Track

CellTech works closely with our customers to develop, build and then test a prototype to meet real life scenarios. For example, we worked with Whiting Door and Hyundai Translead to build a 53’ dry freight trailer using CellTech panel walls and doors and then contracted with Bosch, an independent 3rd party, to test the Hyundai EcoCell 53’ trailer featuring CellTech panels. This trailer survived over 5,000 miles of the brutal structural durability test at the Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds (BAPG) Test Track in New Carlisle, IN in 2013 with no failures. This test exceeded all requirements, simulating over 1 million road miles with heavy loads and harsh conditions.