CellTech Metals Partners with Ancra to Introduce a New Generation of Lightweight Metal Wall Panels

CellTech Metals is excited to introduce a new generation of lightweight metal wall panels for the transportation industry with a flush-mounted integrated Ancra International Lift- A-Deck or Vers-A-Deck track system for freight management. The CellTech Track PanelTM is an industry-first truck and trailer wall panel offering the advantages of a structural metal panel with tremendous stiffness to weight ratio. These Track Panels with shiplap edges may be adhesively bonded creating rivet-free exterior wall surfaces with a clean aerodynamic finish. Track Panel edges may also be customized for compatibility with current rivet-to-post assembly.
Integrating Ancra’s track provides capability with traditional captive decking systems. The Ancra captive beam systems offer customizable deck heights to accommodate loads of different sizes, increasing load capabilities.
Truck body and trailer manufacturers now have the option to offer their customers a flush mounted wall track system. The integrated track maximizes cube space and reduces surface mounted track damage.
Doug Cox, President and CEO of CellTech, “We are thrilled to work with Ancra, the industry leading provider of cargo handling solutions offering our mutual customers and OEM’s a fully integrated lightweight panel track systems with tremendous stiffness-to- weight advantages. Furthermore, the aesthetically pleasing rivet-free exterior panel provides customers the ability to place their custom graphics without rivet interference.”
Larry Bethel, President of Ancra’s Cargo Systems Division, “Having the option of Ancra Lift-A-Deck or Vers-A-Deck track integrated into the panel before truck or trailer assembly provides significant cost and installation labor savings to our customers. Furthermore, loading truck bodies and trailers to the maximum can be extremely difficult. You have to worry about fill rates, resource utilization, damage claims, and load securement. With Vers-A-Deck, users have the flexibility to use captive beams or E Beams in the same integrated track, you can customize your deck heights to accommodate loads of different sizes and insert added E Beams where needed. This will increase your load average and reduce damage claims by avoiding double stacking of freight. We see great synergies in our partnership with CellTech.”
About CellTech Metals
CellTech Metals is a sandwich material technology company that designs and produces patented lightweight panel solutions for the transportation industry. For more information about CellTech Metals visit www.celltechmetals.com

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