CellTech Metals Partners with Reitnouer on North American Manufacturing

CellTech Metals of San Diego, California, is partnering with Reitnouer Enterprises of Reading, Pennsylvania, to manufacture its comprehensive line of lightweight, structural sandwich metal panels.

The patented CellTech Panel is engineered to each customer’s specific application, optimizing the solution for strength, stiffness, weight efficiency, and ease of assembly.

CellTech’s Founder and CEO Doug Cox said: “We are delighted to announce our new manufacturing relationship with the team at Reitnouer Enterprises. Bud Reitnouer and his talented technical professionals are helping us create compelling solutions for our customers with advanced panel joining methods and designs and a commitment to quality. We look forward to working with our truck trailer and truck body OEM’s to integrate CellTech Panels from Reitnouer to make their transportation products lighter, stronger, stiffer, less expensive and easier to build.”

Reitnouer Enterprises is the precision components manufacturing division of Reitnouer Trailers of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, the largest aluminum flatbed trailer manufacturer in North America.

Bud Reitnouer, Founder and CEO of Reitnouer Enterprises, said: “The CellTech Panel product will revolutionize the way that truck trailer and truck body OEMs build and deliver their solutions. We understand the tremendous value of lightweighting materials in the transportation industry and how to assemble and fit precision components. The relationship with CellTech is a perfect complement to our business.”

The CellTech Panel is ideally suited for use in the walls, roofs, and floors of truck trailers and truck bodies to create freight efficiency. It is structural, lighter, stiffer and stronger than the panel materials commonly used in the transportation industry and CellTech Panels are also fully recyclable and manufactured in the USA.