About CellTech Metals

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Revolutionary Lightweight Metal

CellTech® Metals is a sandwich metal technology company established in 2005 to develop revolutionary lightweight metal solutions for the transportation and materials industries. These technologies have been enhanced and improved through strategic partnerships with industry experts in adhesives, manufacturing equipment and processes, and precision tooling designers to make cost-effective lightweight structural sandwich materials and efficient panel joining systems. CellTech currently holds multiple patents on sandwich material design and manufacturing processes and has many more applications under review.

Go-to-Market Strategy

CellTech has worked extensively with the aviation/aerospace industry, the automotive industry and the truck trailer and truck body OEM’s to develop solutions to help improve their transportation products and freight efficiency. Our go-to-market strategy is to design and sell our Panel products for the industrial OEM marketplace through our partnership with Reitnouer Enterprises who manufactures CellTech Panel materials and solutions. We also offer technology licensing opportunities with strategic industry leaders like The Edison Welding Institute (EWI) for our brazed CellTech Formable Sheet material or Whiting Door who manufactures door solutions for the transportation industry under the airCELL® brand.

Unique and Creative Engineering Solutions

CellTech’s partnership with Reitnouer Enterprises offer unique and creative engineering solutions to traditional manufacturing and assembly processes. Together, we are developing panel joining methods and aluminum extrusions that can be integrated right into the CellTech Panel products. These innovations are enabling our customers to reduce their assembly time, overhead, manufacturing space and time to repair. We work with our customers to understand their needs and solve their challenges, becoming an extension of their development teams.

At CellTech Metals, we are dedicated to partnering with our customers and our suppliers. We provide high value solutions through the use of innovation,  technology and teamwork.